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Extraction of Glacial Water from the Ice Cap

Our water catchment area include the inland ice cap, glacier and marginal moraine, the area is called Isunngua. The company licensed catchment area covers more than 6.760.000 square meters. Our tap points are located on the ice sheet and by melt water streams.

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Glacial Water sampling by the source

All our melt water batches are all sampled and analyzed by water laboratories in Denmark and complies with the Danish standards for drinking water.

Point 660 Glacier Water follows the Danish standards of limit values for drinking water.


Storage in Kangerlussuaq before shipping

We store the Glacier Water in pallets tanks secure in our storage in Kangerlussuaq/ Greenland. We ship all deliveries to port Aalborg/ Denmark with Royal Arctic Line.



Point 660 Glacier Water Company are specialists in extraction of glacial water from the Greenlandic inland Ice Cap.  Water untouched by man for more than 130.000 year until we collect it on the Greenlandic inland ice and distribute it to your company.


Our company are located in Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland, close to the International airport of Greenland and harbor.


We are approved by the Government of Greenland according to utilization resource ice and / or water covered by the permit pursuant to § 3-§ 5. We work in close contact with the authorities and are updated with the latest regulations.

It’s important to our Company that utilization resource of ice and water is done sustainable and with high environmental standards.

We work professionally with focus on our partners needs and wishes. Close dialog and customizers solutions are essential for us. Whether you are a distillery, brewery or water company, that demand a unique origin of Glacier Water in your production.

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Years old glacier water


Square meters catchment area



Extraction Coordinates



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